Odyssey Batteries neglect test.

Continuing with my current, electrical bent, recently I was again reminded to take care of my batteries. In this case, my dead batteries were the result of a different sin; lack of use.

My poor old 1996 F350 needs love and TLC, and has been infrequently started or driven for the past few years. Until now, the dual Odyssey PC1750 batteries have been very tolerant of the lack of charging and occasional starting. While the batteries were too low to fire the big T444E (7.3L) Power Stroke engine, they still turned the motor ever so slowly, until almost grinding to a stop, but there was none of the typical solenoid clicking that one often hears from low batteries.

Funny how karma (truckma?) can be ready and waiting for you. I was rolling my iPhone video camera of my starting procedure, planning to show how the old truck starts every time, even when it’s been sitting for a few months. Obviously there had been too much sitting and not enough running for the dual 65-PC1750s, which were installed in March 2008.

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