Toyo Open Country R/T Rugged Terrain Tires

This first look video was made immediately after getting this set of Toyo Open Country R/T tires. They have been on our 2017 Ram/Cummins flatbed project for six months.

(My first rotation follow-up post was posted here: Toyo R/T LT285/75R18 first rotation)

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AEV Ram 1500 Recruit DualSport 4-inch suspension

AEV’s 1500 Recruit with the 4” DualSport suspension package

My 2017 Overland Expo West coverage in TDR 97 included photos and prose about AEV’s new 4” DualSport suspension for 1500 Rams. However, the light was challenging and sometimes it’s difficult to show parts installed on a truck. AEV displayed a 20th Anniversary Recruit with the DualSport 1500 4” suspension at the SEMA Show, and also had the kit mounted on a board for closer inspection.

Recruit 1500 setup with a bed rack, MAXTRAX, and other goodies

Ram 1500 DualSport suspension system by AEV

James Langan

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 A version of this article was also published in the Turbo Diesel Register magazine.

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Factor 55 FlatLink MultiMount And Rope Guard

Factor 55’s new Rope Guard on their UltraHook and FlatLink Expert

In just five years Factor 55 has helped revolutionize the self-recovery winching market by intelligently promoting Closed System Winching™ and rigging techniques better than anyone had before. They have done this by manufacturing fantastic products to facilitate safer recoveries, with education, and documenting scientific failure testing.

Everything they make is designed by their small team in Boise, Idaho, and made in the USA. At the 2017 SEMA Show Factor 55 introduced their Rope Guard, a simple yet ingenious item that can be added to existing FlatLink or UltraHook products. It protects the exposed rope at the end of a thimble on the front of a winch. My 2014 Ram runs an UltraHook, so an upgrade may be on the horizon.

The new FlatLink MultiMount allows pulling from more than one direction

The new FlatLink MultiMount was also introduced at SEMA. It allows one to pull/add force to the end of a winch line from more than one direction. I liked the FlatLink MultiMount so much that I ordered one for my 2017 Pack Mule flatbed project as soon as I got home…and I didn’t even have a winch or bumper for that truck yet.

James Langan

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Hillsboro Series 2000 aluminum flatbed installation videos

Before there could be a Hallmark flatbed model camper, there needed to be a flatbed on my truck. I wanted a readily available and less expensive commercial product, not a custom or semi-custom bed for two or three times as much (out-the-door). After months of research, study, and planning, I decided on the 7′ x 8.5′ Hillsboro Series 2000, and to purchase it and have it installed at Idaho Trailer Sales in Buhl, Idaho.

All of these videos are short.

It took a full day to mount this Hillsboro 2000 Series flatbed and accessories on this 2017 Ram 2500.

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