Hallmark flatbed camper interior part 1 and 2

Video tour overviews of the first Hallmark flatbed camper, this is the 8.5-foot Nevada model. The development of this flatbed camper was a collaboration between Hallmark and myself, part of a larger editorial vehicle project, so I was able to help design the layout and features, and choose the amenities. Priorities included additional water, propane, and a large refrigerator with a separate freezer for extended, unsupported travels in remote country.

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23 mpg Ram Cummins 2500

2017 Ram/Cummins 2500

23.21 MPG from a 2017 Ram/Cummins. 65-mph highway baseline test, Sept. 5, 2017

222.7 miles, 9.593 gallons

65-mph freeway/highway test

light/no wind

A/C on

Tires: F 60 R 40 cold

Regular cab, long bed, 7,400-lb. GVW

Newer diesel trucks are not as efficient (due to emissions systems) as previous generations? Maybe. Probably. Though it depends on the exact year, model, and version. The true potential is better than some think, and the conditions, load, and nearly everything else matters.

Tests must be repeatable and confirmable. The ECM was slightly pessimistic here, and the odometer a little fast with the stock tires.

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Hallmark flatbed popup camper mounted and first drive.

The first one. April 4, 2018

Hallmark Nevada camper atop a Hillsboro 2000 Series aluminum flatbed

Hallmark Camper’s first flatbed model, April 4, 2018. Fort Lupton, Colorado.

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Hallmark Campers flatbed mounting

Hallmark flatbed camper mounting.

Rubber mat under campers is good.

Low-range 2WD…backing under the Hallmark Nevada flatbed camper for the first time.

A few of Hallmark’s capable team, lead by Bill Ward’s several decades of industry knowledge.

Just a bit more…slipping the clutch at idle, no drama, more control than an automatic transmission if skilled and careful.

Close, now to decide exactly where it’s going to sit.

Two of the bolts, inside one of the front toolboxes, before the excess length was cut off.

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Source: Hallmark Truck Campers

No Loss Tire Valve Caps

For many years these No Loss valve caps from Extreme Outback Products have been spinning on my motorcycles, cars, and trucks. They are $15 for a five-pack. I love them!

My video tells the story, but more details are available at ExtremeOutback.com. If you order some, tell George that James Langan the RoadTraveler sent you, and that you learned about his product(s) on this blog. George knows me well, as I’ve been a customer for about 15 years.

Remember to check your tire pressures often with a handheld gauge (don’t rely on TPMS displays), and run appropriate pressures for your load and the conditions.

Metal No Loss valve caps

Plastic No Loss valve caps

James Langan

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Atturo Trail Blade X/T

Atturo’s Trail Blade X/T finally got my attention

My bias against newer, overseas-manufactured tires has prevented any serious consideration of treads from many of the newer players. I prefer to buy from American companies or at least products made in North America, voting with my dollars. However, a local diesel repair shop, Patriot Diesel, told me they liked Atturo as an affordable, good quality truck tire option, so I decided to take a look.

Patriot Diesel sells more big mudders for lifted trucks than all-terrains, but it was the Trail Blade X/T pattern that caught my eye online, so I decided to take a closer look at the 2017 SEMA Show. The X/T is neither traditional all-terrain nor aggressive mudder, but a hybrid, just how I like my light-truck tires. The outer lugs are deep and beefy, while the tighter, well-siped center puts more rubber on the road. Atturo even won SEMA’s 2014 Global Media Award for “Best Innovative New Product for the International Market” with this X/T design. Okay, I’m no longer ignoring this brand; and certainly not the X/T design.

James Langan

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Atturo Tires

Patriot Diesel


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) filling made easier

Filling the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks on my 2014 and 2017 Fourth Generation Ram/Cummins 2500 trucks is sometimes problematic, the DEF filler necks don’t swallow the reductant as well as fuel tanks gulp diesel. It’s worse on the ’17, which has an aluminum flatbed mounted with much less filler neck fall, however filling the DEF tank on the unmodified 2014 crew cab can also be a fiddly, messy hassle. Similar complaints in online forums confirm that plenty of folks have been challenged and frustrated by the design of pickup truck DEF systems.

The videos tell the rest of the story, but I may have found an inexpensive solution, a well designed DEF jug nozzle made by Motorcraft.

Motorcraft DEF filler on Amazon.com

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