Four Wheel and Hallmark flatbed campers Delxo ladder

At the NW Overland Rally in June, I saw this Delxo three-step aluminum ladder outside a Four Wheel Campers Hawk flatbed. It’s light and super slim when folded.

The Louisville shelf-ladder mounted to the rear of my AT Overland can carriers is great once camped, however for brief roadside stops it’s not convenient to unbolt to help my wife get into our Hallmark flatbed camper. (The White Knuckle Off Road Products Hitch-Step works for me most of the time.)

The heavy-duty folding Louisville ladder is shown for comparison. It’s a fantastic shop ladder (and expensive), though far too big and heavy to mount on, or put inside the camper.

The Delxo seems rounded enough that I think interior cabinetry damage is unlikely on decent roads. If we really like the Delxo ($80 from Amazon) I may think about some cushioning cabinetry protection inside our Hallmark Nevada flatbed.

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Truck camper suspension upgrade planning

Flatbed camper truck suspension tinkering and changes are not risk free, and I like to say that often “modifications lead to modifications.” Followup mods might be desirable upgrades, or unwelcome consequences.

Application specifics matter. Assuming that standard tweaks which work well on the typical unloaded/lightly-loaded truck are also good for a much heavier outfit, are often naïve.

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