Dodge Ram 2500 PSI

Oscar sent me a message asking the following TPMS question. Question: “I have a question involving the TPMS setting on my truck… I need to change the threshold on it; I have taken it to a dealer but they don’t want to do it.” Answer: Oscar, My understanding is that dealers will not, or cannot, adjust TPMS thresholds on a … Read More

Fresnel Lens For Camper

Fresnel lens. Simple and inexpensive. I’ve had these on both of my Hallmark Truck Campers, and they work well most of the time. Obviously one needs to have a rear door with a clear window in the right spot. James Langan Copyright James Langan/RoadTraveler All Rights Reserved Resource links:  Amazon: Auto Wide Angle Lens, 10″ X 8″, Parking Blind Spot … Read More

Type S Solar Wireless Backup Camera

—RETURNED— Type S Solar, Wireless Backup Camera, From Costco for $100. James Langan Copyright James Langan/RoadTraveler All Rights Reserved  

Dodge Ram Cummins Flatbed Camper MPG

Backgrounder A recent Nevada Highway 95 trip from Northern Nevada to Southern Nevada, and back, a very familiar route, produced some interesting data. People often make contrary statements about shared fuel economy information, generally well intentioned but not always accurate, including: 1) My similar truck/camper does much better (or worse). 2) An aftermarket engine tune would produce superior results (doubtful … Read More