iOnBoost V10 Torque lithium jump starter

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Centramatic Big Wheel And Tire Balancers

This video introduces using Centramatic 400-409 balancers designed for DRW trucks with 16-inch wheels, on SRW pickups with 20-inch wheels. These balancers have 16-ounces of balancing media! Article about the possible performance advantages of 20-inch wheels over 18- or 17-inch wheels on heavy outfits: 20-inch vs. 18-inch Wheels and Tires Prior video regarding the basic design and function of Centramatic wheel … Read More

Banks Differential Cover

Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover Backgrounder: I have installed, used, and liked Banks Power products in the past, and I respect the engineering that goes into everything they do. However, I watched Banks’ YouTube videos regarding the purported inferiority of flat-back, high-capacity, aluminum replacement differential covers while they developed their own aftermarket differential cover. Their target was obviously the original, and … Read More

20-Inch vs 18-Inch Wheels and Tires

Tires As Suspension In the high-performance car (and even sport-truck) world it’s obvious that tires are a critical part of the suspension setup and the overall dynamics and handling of a vehicle. In the heavy-duty pickup world tires should be regarded with similar importance regarding how they handle loads, although it seems this is frequently ignored or overlooked until a … Read More