Elongator Tailgate

Elongator Tailgate

The SEMA Show’s size makes it difficult to visit all the booths I have on my list, let alone discover or pay attention to new and interesting things that one might otherwise wiz past. I had glanced at but dismissed the Elongator booth the first time I walked by, thinking the product was just another unimpressive bed-slide or extender. I took a closer look the next day and was impressed.

Elongator calls their replacement tailgate, the “Swiss Army Knife” of tailgates, which is an appropriate description. This replacement tailgate system is installed or removed as easily as any modern factory tailgate. When closed it fits snugly to the rear of the bed just like the factory piece. The Elongator can be opened and used like a traditional tailgate, but using the tools contained within is what it’s really about.

Elongator tailgate system

After opening, extending the initial top plate of the Elongator lengthens the tailgate about 20”. The gate and extension are on the same plane, and the extension is designed to handle an impressive 850-pound load. Sliding a robust, full-width pin allows the extension to pivot toward the ground at a 28-degree angle. Two aluminum ramps contained inside the Elongator can be removed and hooked into the end of the extension, completing a ground-up ramp for loading motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, or almost anything. There are several slots for the ramps, allowing the owner to choose the appropriate placement.

Extension opened
Latched Elongator with fiberglass rear skin

Obvious differences when viewed from the rear include the Elongator name, and a fiberglass skin instead of metal. When closed, it fits snug against the bed, and nothing rattles. The introductory price is about $2,800, depending on options, which I don’t consider expensive for the utility provided. The warranty is three years. As a guy who routinely uses my truck to haul things, I can envision getting much use out of an Elongator.

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