Auxiliary Springs

Truck Camper Suspension Q & A The questions and answers below were prompted by recent posts regarding auxiliary springs for my truck camper outfit. Backgrounder Iggy The Igloo asked about heavy-duty suspension setup and options. Iggy has a Fourth Generation Ram 3500 crew cab, long bed, with a flatbed Alaskan popup. His truck had Firestone air springs, including Daystar cradles to … Read More

Ram 1500 heavy duty suspension options

Reader slangheld asked my opinion about Ram 1500 rear suspension options after seeing one of my Ram 2500 heavy-duty rear suspension post photos showing TufTruck, Timbren, and Air Lift aftermarket springs. Question: I’m confused, and I’ve considered all of these options for my 1500 (Ram). I’m leaning towards the Air Lift 1000 for the ease of install, maintaining unloaded ride quality, and price. Any opinions? … Read More

TUFTRUCK heavy duty Dodge Ram rear coil springs

TufTruck TTC-1225 Ram 2500 Rear Coils Overview Factory Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Coil vs. TufTruck TTC-1225 TTC-1225 vs OE Coil TUFTRUCK TTC-1225 OEM 2014 Rear Coil Height 18” 17.75” Diameter 8” 7.5” Material Thickness 0.93” 0.86” Weight 35-lb 24-lb James Langan Copyright James Langan/RoadTraveler All Rights Reserved Resource: TUFTRUCK 

Dodge Ram rear coil spring overview

The factory rear coils on a Fourth Generation Dodge Ram Cummins 2500 are super easy to chnage. I removed them and added TUFTRUCK TTC-1225 heavy-duty replacement rear coil springs. Part one James Langan Copyright James Langan/RoadTraveler All Rights Reserved Resource: TUFTRUCK