SEMA 360 Show 2020

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James Langan, November 2020

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Warn Industries





Warn Hub Receiver

First look, pairing, setup, and use of the Warn Hub Receiver wireless winch remote.

Made for most Warn winches plus a vision for other brands.

The app was fast and intuitive on my iPhone 8, and displays battery voltage.

Warn has a great and detailed video here about all aspects of the Warn Hub receiver and app.

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James Langan, October 2020

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Warn Industries


Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley 30 foot pull

First use of the Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley, approximately 11,500 pounds, rolling, up a slight grade for 30 feet, using a Warn 16.5 ti-S winch. Ambient temperature was 55° F. The temperature of the Rope Retention Pulley, in the sun, was 86° F before starting and 86° F after; there was no measurable temperature increase during this test pull. Total winching time was about two minutes, the video was edited for easier viewing.

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James Langan

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Factor 55


Warn M8274-70 winch

70th Anniversary Warn M8274-70 Winch

Warn is arguably the most known, respected, and legendary name in the aftermarket four-wheel-drive world. From manual-locking-hubs, winches, bumpers, recovery gear, and more, they have now been building for 70-years. Warn introduced several new products at SEMA in 2018; my favorite is their new M8274-70 winch.

Even those less familiar with four-wheel-drive stuff can spot the traditional, upright design of Warn’s iconic 8274 winch. This legendary self-recovery winch has been a familiar sight on the front bumper of countless Jeeps and old-school Dodge trucks from the Mopar before Mopar Was Cool days or yore. The 8274 has a reputation for speed, reliability, being underrated, while offering 150′ of winch line. There are substantial cosmetic upgrades to the 70th anniversary winch, but Warn did much more than add bling.

Using the 6-horsepower motor from their 9.5xp model, the rated capacity increased from 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds. They made a fast winch 25% faster at full-load. It is now the fastest winch under load that Warn has ever made. A Waterproof Albright contactor replaces solenoids for increased reliability and efficiency, and there are other internal upgrades. This is a bitchin’ piece of gear. Guess what; they’re not giving them away.

The existing 8274-50 model was already one of Warn’s more expensive (and best) winches, the current street price is $2,000. The Made-in-USA 8274-70 is limited to 999 units worldwide, and the retail price is $3,200! At the time of the SEMA Show, Warn had already received orders for over one-third of the run. I’m interested, but none of my rigs have bumpers that would accept an upright winch like the 8274… maybe I need a new diesel Jeep JL with a 3.0L EcoDiesel?

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Warn Winches, Epic Recovery Kit, 2016 SEMA Show


Truck owners have been waiting for Warn to offer the safer and lighter synthetic winch rope on their Heavy Weight Series winches; that day has come. Warn’s Spydura or Spydura Pro rope now comes on their M12-S, M15-S, and 16.5ti-s winches, which also have Warn’s Epic Hook and a polished Hawse fairlead.

Warn added their synthetic rope to their Heavy Weight Series

A few years ago Warn introduced their VR Series, as a competitively priced line of winches that are still designed and tested by Warn engineers. Updated, they now feature a waterproof Albright® contactor instead of solenoids, located in a convertible control pack that can remain atop the winch or be remotely mounted. Synthetic rope is now available on the 12,000-pound VR 12-S, as well as the 8,000- and 10,000-pound versions. The clutch handle has a new, more ergonomic design.

Updated VR Warn winches

As of November 1, 2016, all Warn truck winches sold in North America, including the VR Series, feature a limited lifetime mechanical warranty (unchanged), with a newly updated seven year electrical warranty, which was previously only one year.

Warn has assembled all of their Epic winching accessories into one Epic Recovery Kit. An Epic snatch block, two shackles, a tree trunk protector, premium recovery strap, and gloves are packaged in a backpack. Employing a purpose-built backpack for a recovery kit is a simple yet overdue idea, as having your hands free while toting heavy gear over slippery and/or uneven terrain can be invaluable. The backpack is made from durable ballistic material, has adjustable/modular compartments, and also functions as a winch line damper. It comes in a medium-duty version for winches up to 12,000 pounds or a heavy-duty kit for winches up to 18,000 pounds.

EPIC Recovery Kit in a handy backpack

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Warn Industries: