7.3L Power Stroke, firing on all cylinders.

The short video below shows and tells the story. Was there any doubt? Yes, the engine was a little slow to fire, but it had been weeks since the motor ran, long enough for prime to be lost.

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3 Replies to “7.3L Power Stroke, firing on all cylinders.”

  1. Is that 270,000 I see on the odometer? I did not doubt it would start:)

    1. It’s only has 127k on it. When new we drove it all the time, almost 20k per year for the first few. Then a new traveling ‘car’ (TDI) and motorcycle split the miles. Now…

      1. got it! pausing and hitting the vid to fullsize and my old man eyes see the 1 before the 270! Glad the old girl runs again!

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