Now what?

Live with tire pull?

Look for a defective tire?

Change the alignment settings to suit the new Cooper S/T MAXX?


On the alignment rack.

The process continues on Monday.

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2 Replies to “Alignment?”

  1. If you have not changed your alignment specs yet……try rotating the tires around just to see if it is tire specific. I did notice (on the last set of STs not the Maxxs) that at my first tire rotation the truck went from dead straight to a pull to the right. I did another rotation (placing the pulling tire on the rear again) and was dead straight again. Next rotation had less pull….I guess the tire wore itself into the trucks set pattern. I never noticed a difference in tire wear between the four, so I don’t think I wasted too many wear miles (and the tire wore evenly after that). The tire pull may be a temporary situation….it’s a hard bet on something that expensive though…..


    1. As you note James, tire pull and vibrations often appear after a rotation. Rotating the offending tire to a new position is sometimes a cure, or may at least identify the tire that’s causing the problem.

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